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Websites that Work

I build low-cost websites for individuals, small businesses, clubs, societies and other community groups.

My websites are easy to use, simple and straightforward.

I am also a dab hand with Microsoft Access® databases and Excel® spreadsheets! Here are some examples you can look at . . .

Rosettes Diary Booking Security
Online entry systems for shows large and small - from agricultural to zoological - from mice to monster trucks! Online diaries for community groups, towns, villages, clubs etc. Online booking and reservations for all sorts of applications. Membership records on your home computer - mail merge letters, tickets etc.

FAQs : -

Do I really need a website?
You may find some answers to this question on the government website here: Do more online.
How much will a website cost me?
My prices start from around £200 for the first year. Less for subsequent years.
Will a website bring me lots of new customers?
Not immediately. But if your website has plenty of up-to-date news and pictures it will keep customers coming back. If your customers know you have a website they will check it from time to time to see if there is anything new.

If you regularly advertise in newspapers or magazines, directing people to your website enables you to give potential customers lots more information than a press advertisement alone.
How do I make changes to my website?
I will make minor changes to wording or pictures on request as part of your annual fee. However, a better method is for me to set up a news area so that you can update the website yourself with dates, times, events, numbers etc. as easily as sending an email or filling in an online form.
Can I sell items through my website?
Yes. But without a lot of additional expenditure to promote your website you will get very few sales. A far better way to sell online is through eBay. If you wish, I can help you set up your shop on eBay.
Should I be using social media like Facebook and Twitter for my business?
These websites are useful to 'spread the word' but there is a big drawback. You need to have plenty of time to use the sites. You may well get messages from people at any time of the day or night and from anywhere in the world! People will expect replies and will want to get into 2-way 'conversations'.
Do I need photographs for my website?
Yes. Plenty of photographs and descriptions of what you do are essential. If you live locally (West Somerset) I may even be able to visit to take photgraphs for your website.

Websites for : -

Chambers of Commerce Horticultural Societies Pubs Social clubs
Charities Hospital Friends Restaurants Sports clubs
Church groups Parish Councils Salons Surgeries
Community Centres Parishes Schools Village Halls
County Shows PTAs Shops WIs

Applications include : -

agendas court bookings match results scorecards
appointments diaries menus show entries
auctions email lists minutes show schedules
book lists fixtures lists price lists small ads
bookings for sale lists reservations spreadsheets
calendars games rosters table booking
competitions league tables rotas timetables
course bookings match reports schedules wedding lists

These are some of the websites which I currently look after : -

Brown's Delicatessen - Torrington North Devon Show Wibble Farm Nurseries
Geoff Newland