Help from The Gnome Secretary There's no business like SHOW business!

I have experience of shows both large and small from village horticultural shows to London trade shows.

For the last four years I have been working closely with the show secretary of a large one-day agricultural show in the south of England. My main development has been an online livestock entry system which has been in use for two years. This enables exhibitors to record details of their entries online. It also allows the Show Secretary and staff to enter details of entries received in the post.

I have also put together a number of spreadsheets and other documents to simplify the job of running a show.

Please have a look at the notes here. I am sure I can provide you with assistance with your show. If you need a complete website, I can provide it. If you simply need assistance with a Word® document to perform a mail merge, I can help.

All programs will be customised for your show. I will also provide support by email in case of any problems. In most cases I will not require payment until you have tested the software and are happy that it does what you want. And you will find that my prices are very competitive.

If you have any questions, please email me:

An enquiry does not mean a commitment and I won’t pester you with sales promotions!
Geoff Newland